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bd2 is a creative agency with a strong track record, a proven approach and a highly experienced team of in-house design, marketing and technical professionals.

We're based in our own premises near Wigan town centre and work with a broad range of clients from leading regional businesses to large global corporations as well as public sector and not for profit organisations.

Established in 1998, we have a depth of experience and knowledge rarely found in digital agencies evident in some of the large scale projects we've delivered and the calibre of our clients.

We believe creative thinking provides the spark that breathes life into any design be it for paper or screen - to get it noticed, to grab attention, to make it stand out from the crowd and to help solve problems through lateral thought and innovation.

Social Responsibility
We try to make a positive contribution to society in the best ways we can and believe we can add greater value by contributing our skills and services. To that end, we have provided work for charities such as Hope for Children, Joining Jack, Wigan Youth Zone and The Wigan 10k on a pro bono basis.

For example we donated our time and resources to create the brand, website, digital and viral marketing campaigns for a new charity, Joining Jack. This work quickly raised awareness of the charity and helped them raise a million pounds in around 12 months from a standing start and with no budget.

We're always happy to hear from people who have a charitable cause or social enterprise that would benefit from a contribution of our creative or technical services. Please contact bryony@bd2.co.uk.

We're passionate about the link between academia and industry as we realise that the next generation of designers and developers need to be skilled appropriately.

We try to take any opportunities we can to make as positive contribution to education so have provided placements for students, under graduates and graduates which has lead to several full-time appointments, both within bd2 and our wider network of our suppliers and clients.

We have also contributed our time to support careers days. Given talks and presentations in schools and colleges, set project briefs, delivered critiques, provided evaluation, sat on steering committees and generally supported education in any way we can.

We're always happy to hear from any institutions which may benefit from our support. Please contact bryony@bd2.co.uk.